We provide unique advantages over existing solutions to the local marketing of a business district. Our emphasis on social interaction through the professionals of the district is the primary advantage but more than this, it's our overall focus on solving the problems for business districts specifically, and not as an ad-hoc afterthought, that provides our core advantage. Contact us for more information.


Share Customers
For the most part, businesses within a business district will complement, not compete with one another. Consumers can dine, shop, and imbibe on any single visit to a business district. The more merchants share their customer information with one another, the more customers they can access.
Leverage Neighbors
Mutual promotion of neighbors helps bring in new customers, extend the visits of customers, and enhance customer visits. Many customers come to business districts to visit a specific business, not knowing what other businesses are right next door. Informing customers of neighboring businesses have many advantages.
Inform Customers
Working together, businesses can inform their customers of other points and news of interest for the business district as a whole and the other businesses within the business district.


Leverage Relationships
Businesses have many relationships they don't always get the most from that they could. Providing new information to existing customers can encourage more, longer and richer visits.
Inform Customers
Businesses can enhance their basic business profile with descriptions, photographs, news and promotions. Post news items, promotions, and updated descriptions.
Channel Colleagues
All businesses have their basic business listing information associated with the Business District.


Increase Visits
Owners, employees and personalities in the district can provide professional biographies of relevance to the business district.
Prolong Visits
Normal times when people are in the district.
Enhance Visits
Specials for the whole business or special offerings that are being provided personally.

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We invite Associations, Businesses, Employees and even brands and investors to contact us to learn more about Smart Street. We prefer email or phone. The Smart Street CEO, Michael Bauer, will personally reply. Thanks!


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